Friday, May 21, 2010

All State Shimmy Shake Champion 2006.

The talking heads came on in the office just now. A vibrant little tune, perfect for shimmying. I remembered the days of yore. My golden years, as an All State Shimmy Shake Champion. Yes, my boob jiggle beat out every other competitor in the state. And, got me choke slammed by a lack-luster karaoke man. This is very true, he worked for some upper-middle-class aging white couples bar called "The Box Seat". Also he choke slammed me because he thought I was "retarded". Literally. And he didn't like my dancing. Douche.

On a side note, I've discovered something I feel that I need to do more often. And this is of course, besides bathing. I need to get really drunk with my friend Eric and watch Martial Arts films. Like, at least once a week.

Additionally, one thing I've discovered I should never do is roller-blade. This should never happen. Dwell on this.

Fuck You Smooth Cherry.

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